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Town Press Media


Our main goal is to increase your visibility and exposure online and attract more clients to your website.  Town Press Media makes sure that your website is Google friendly and you’re increasing in organic traffic growth.

Top SEO to Bring You Exposure

In today’s hyperconnected world and highly competitive business environment, it’s crucial for a business to be able to reach its target audience online with its core message, products, and services or latest promotions. This is where Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) comes in.

SEO can help your business get great rankings and land on the front page of Google’s search. The first page of Google receives 95% of all website traffic, while only 5% of users make it to the second page.  You really need your business or organization to rank as high as possible on search engines to reach your full potential online.

SEO helps your Organic Search Traffic

  • Keywords Research lists with Stats based on local  competition
  • Custom URLs
  • Install essential SEO Plugins and customize settings for the most impact
  • Write Custom Titles, Descriptions and Keywords
  • Rename Image Files & Alt Text – an extensive task
  • Point Images files to corresponding page content rather than a media file
  • Rename H1 Headers
  • Rename Anchor Text
  • Create an XML Sitemap
  • Streamline the robots.txt file
  • Submit your sitemap to Google

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