Online Presence Analysis

The Online Presence Analysis lets us look into how your business is doing online. We will look at your website design, functionality, and content. We will also look into your ideal keywords and locations in respect to your competitors in relation to your competition.
We will analyze your web presence in great detail, so that you will ultimately be able to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Key part of online marketing strategy

Any business, big or small, should have the online presence expansion as a key part of their online marketing strategy. Through an active online presence, you will increase visibility and build your brand’s reputation.
This allows you to reach out to potential visitors who continue to inquire about your products and services.
In order to see exactly where your brand stands with its online presence in your industry, we offer what we call an Online Presence Analysis.
This analysis will help us determine how well your business is seen among potential visitors as compared to your major competitors.

What Does an Online Presence Analysis include?

  • On-page and Off-page analysis
  • Competition comparison
  • Content reporting
  • Where you stand when searching keywords related to your website
  • Social Media presence
  • Brand’s visibility among search engines
  • Design and functionality of your website
  • Competitor analysis
  • Web-traffic analysis & increasing traffic
  • Ideas to gain more business

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  • In order to understand your SEO Reporting needs, send us an email so we can understand what type of reporting you are looking for. From there, we will handcraft a report that will hopefully knock your socks off.

Some other SEO Reports we provide:

A complete Domain Analysis

Either for your own website or your competition, this report exposes detailed Organic Search, Paid Search, Backlinks, Display Advertising, Organic Search Traffic and Paid Search Traffic in a handy and detailed report.

Detailed Organic Keyword Research

If content is king, keyword strategy is queen. Reaching the target audience via organic search is only manageable when you find the right keywords. You will be able to Discover new organic competitors, see Organic search totals, paid search totals, CPC Distribution by country, ongoing trends graph, Phrase match keywords, Related Keywords, Top Organic Search Results, any ad copies and history from PPC campaigns.

Quick SEO Keyword Content Analysis

We analyze content on the Google's top 10-ranking pages for your target keywords then give you ideas to write a winning optimized content in a simple DOC file.

Gap Analysis

We start with a Organic Competitor report, then determines who your top competitors are and how many keywords you share in common, we then determine which ones are placing them at the 2-10 spot, then compare those results in order to help you (or us) build an SEO plan to beat your competition.

All our reports are wrapped up into a nice PDF file to share.

It's not just a simple email we send. We create a nice report, one that is easy to read and understand to share with your team.

Why Online Presence Analysis is Important:

If you have never monitored your presence on the Internet to see how well your marketing activities are working, you should do one now to set a baseline for measuring your improvement over the next few months. As you increase your visibility, great things can happen for your business.
What have I missed? Is there something else we should include in this analysis? let us know how well you are doing.

WhatClients Say

We do not only provide SEO and Internet marketing services but we also offer a wide array of related services such as SEO friendly web design, pay per click, affiliate marketing, website audits, social media optimization, branding and several others.

  • 5 Stars! Why? ..because they can do anything and they do anything well! We are SOOOOO VERY happy with the website overhaul they did for us.. FAST work.. EASY to work with.. and we couldn't be more happy with everything! If they didn't know how to do something... they figured it out! Affordable too!!

    Jentry B
    Jentry B
    Crazy Train Clothing
  • Town Press Media did an awesome job on building my website. Martin is awesome and extremely accommodating. Great Job!!

    Martin M
    Martin M
    Amarillo Massage

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