Choose a Plan that Works for You.

Your website is your digital storefront, and for many customers, it’s the first interaction with your business. In order to impress your customers and encourage them to take a desired action, your site requires regular upkeep. Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, a website maintenance plan is key to the ongoing success of your website. In order to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings, and provide information about your products and services to the public, your company needs website maintenance. As Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving and your business continues to grow, Town Press Media’s website maintenance & security plans ensure your website evolves with changing demands of your visitors. Because we’re a website maintenance company, we know all of the concepts that will help your website stay updated and secure. Call us today at (512)522-9008 to set up a free consultation.


À la carte hourly support:  
Duration: Charged by the hour  
Telephone Support: Email, domain and hosting support  
Lost Passwords : Website password reset  
Website Migration: Assistance with site migration  
Website Updates: Website updates  
Consultation: Over the phone or in-person  
SSL: Assistance with Installation of SSL Certificate
Support by the Hour:  
Tutorials: One-on-one tutorials  
WordPress : Updating your WordPress theme  
Social Media: Social Media page set-ups  
Graphic Design: Brochures, business cards, posters and more
Copywriting Press kits, biographies, and content creation  
More: Need help? Send us an email.


Our monthly website maintenance packages include:

 Duration: Six hours per month
 Email Support: Hosting, Domains, Emails, Social Media and more
 Local In-Person Support: One-on-one estimates and consultations
 Photos/Text: Additions, deletions, resizing, editing and retouching
 Web pages: Additions or deletions using existing web page design
 Navigation: Add, move or delete item in menu
 File Downloads: Additions or deletions of PDFs and other documents
 Videos: Insertion, deletion
 Links: Additions or deletions
 Color and Background Images: Changes or replacements
 Forms: Dynamic form layout creation and customization
 Backups: Monthly Backup Generation and Restoration if needed
 WordPress Updating: Core Software and Plugins as needed

* Your hourly price will never increase while on our plan, even if our hourly rate does. Additional hours will be billed out.