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Will people across the country see our business in the map at the top of Page One of Google?

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If we set our service area on Google My Business statewide, or countrywide, will people across the country see our business in the map at the top of Page One of Google when they search for our type of product?

The quick answer is, “Probably not.”

That 3 pack map at the top of search results is primarily for local results. The map usually returns the closest businesses that fit the search query. In recent years, that local pack map has gotten even more hyper-local.

I know many businesses have wondered about that — if setting their service area to a super-wide area will mean they will get calls from across the country. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Your best bet for coming up in a nationwide search is to focus on the organic results — the ten normal links that come after the map at the top of Page One.

To do that, you’ll have to concentrate on improving the quality of your website, creating more targeted content for customers at every stage of the marketing funnel, getting industry-specific links back to your website, and building a stellar reputation online.

If you are looking to rank is cities that are farther away from your headquarters, you might want to explore having city-specific landing pages. If done correctly, these can rank for [city + service] searches. With all that being said, do you need an SEO strategy or Web Design services to improve the quality of your website?  Town Press Media can help.  Contact us today.