Beginner's Guide to Blogging – How to Research Keyword Ideas


What is a keyword? To make money from blogging, you need to understand this concept as it lays the foundation to your success in making money online. Simply put, anything people type into a search engine when they are searching for information on the internet is a "keyword". A search query could have made up one word or several keyword phrases joined together. Every person uses their own method of searching, and that makes it difficult for the webmaster to find those keywords that will connect their websites with the right visitors. Keyword research starts with the understanding that finding lots of related keywords that deliver targeted traffic or visitors to their site, is the ultimate goal of any keyword research.

The hardest part of keyword research concept to a beginner is that that they tend, not to grasp the basic concept of going about it. To start with, after choosing a niche for yourself, you need to research more using some free tools like Google free keyword tools. These tools could help you to research more or expatiate on what other things people are searching for on the internet. Your job as a website owner is to provide quality information about what people could be searching for. This is the fundamental area where most people get it wrong and they keep on struggling to make a dime on the internet.

You need to keep an open mind about all possible searches and terms that people could be searching for that is related to what you want your site to be based upon. Keyword research requires creativeness and imagination. Since we can not get into the heads of every possible potential visitor to your site who may be interested in your products or services, we have to rely on keyword research tools to give us an idea of ​​what people might search for and how often. There are a handful of very powerful keyword research tools that are worth using both free and paid, but the amount of information you can get from them could vary. But they could all give you an idea of ​​what to do. You can get free keyword research tools such as the free Google external keyword tool, Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery, Keywords Analyzer, and Wordze, they have proved to be a good place to start, the seodigger keyword spying tool is also a must have tool and you can also try Google suggest. This free Google tool tries to guess what you are trying to search for and gives you suggestions in the form of an auto-complete search box.

Another great resource for proven keywords is to look at your competitor's website. These are the set of websites that are in the first page when you search for that keyword on Google. Researching their sites for possible keyword ideas too could be beneficial.

The next thing is to look for those keywords that have lowest searches per month, this you can get from Google AdWord keyword tools. The essence of targeting the low searched keyword is that it could enable you to get relevance on time from the search engines and make the search engine to trust your site. Also this can make your internet experience really rewarding. Example of the above explanation is this, if I choose the niche Forex and I want to look for keyword or topics to write upon or base my site up in order to cater for some segments of Forex related searchers, going for the keyword "forex" , "trading", "forex trading" and others like that would make me a loser because those keywords are searched for over a million times and that means there would be so many competitors and site that are targeting that keywords and those sites could have been ON for over 7 – 10 years, so how could you rival them. Possibly you will need to put extra work of about 5 – 10 years to even get on the first page of Google and not talking about getting to number one spot for that keyword.

Should you now at this stage forget about the ideas of making money online and go look for something else to do? The answer is NO. This is not the only thing people search for online concerning my niche Forex, some also want to know about "demo trading", "how to withdraw their money fro their broker" "how to customize my trading platform" and the rest of all those long tailed keywords. So if you can just target those kinds of keyword and get ranked first for those little searched keywords that are only searched for, may be 100 times in a year, then you are on your way to starting a profitable internet business that does not suck money from your pocket. And remember, if you get ranked well for that keyword then you can now proceed to other keywords and on and on like that. The whole idea is starting small and growing with time

The next thing after this is to register a domain and kick start your internet business.


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