How Can Pay Per Click (PPC) Help You Generate Leads For Your Home-Based Business?

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So you make a delicious pizza and decided to open a business.  Now what?  How does a customer find you?

Pay Per Click is an advertising model in which advertisers pay for click throughs to their website. Ads are served based on keywords or themes. It is also known as ppc ad or cost per click (cpc advertising). Let’s look at how you could use ppc advertising to generate leads for your work from home business.

One of the largest benefits of pay advertising is how quickly you can be on page one of a search engine. One of the most popular ppc programs is Google AdWords. You can set up a campaign and be on page one for Google for targeted keywords and getting leads in less than one hour.

The basics you need to know are.

1. What is your monthly or daily budget

2. What keywords are you targeting

3. What is the classified ad copy

4. What is the website address you are promoting

It is strongly suggested that you have a landing page that you send your traffic to when they click. Using the direct sale replicated website most mlm companies give you a bad idea because traffic comes and goes without any way for you to capture it for future follow up.

Because you do not know how many visitors it takes to get a sale you want to concentrate on getting the lead.

The real key to earning advertising is getting the most amount of traffic for the least amount of money. Remember, you are going to be billed for every click so the trick is to get the highest number of clicks for the lowest possible amount of money.

It is still possible to get bids as low as .05 cents per click with many search engines. It all depends on the keywords. A word like work from home business might go for one dollar a click.

As a general rule the longer the keyword phrase the less the cost per click. It will be worth your while to go to Wordtracker take a one week subscription for $ 30. Use this week to develop a list of hundreds and thousands of potential keywords to bid on.

Explore variations of popular keywords in the niche of your work from home business. You can develop a list around words like work from home, mlm, network marketing, multi level marketing, home business, home based business, internet marketing, work at home, make money, earn money, and others.

Dig deep and come up with words that are being searched every month online. Even words getting only a few searches are potential traffic and can end up costing you less. As you build your list increase the number of words you are bidding on.

Over a period of time your goal is to come up with statistics that show you how many clicks does it take to get a lead. How many leads does it take to get a new distributor. You can ever arrive at your cost per distributor and then use that to either increase or decrease your monthly budget for pay advertising.


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