Growth Strategies in Local Business Marketing

Local businesses depend heavily on customer satisfaction, regular clientele, and good reputation. Therefore it is vital to make a favorable impression when meeting the public. It is vital that owners and managers stay above reproach, while maintaining a high profile in the community.

Community Involvement and Local Public Perceptions
It is important to be involved in community events, groups and charity work. Attend local fairs, bazaars, parades and festivals and hand out business cards, small promotional gifts, brochures, sales catalogs or take out menus that are appropriate to promote the store front. It is important to be friendly and outgoing in all public situations. Offer money saving coupons, and gift certificates. When there are community charity raffles, donate a gift certificate to be raffled off. Local marketing frequently involves giving a free sample occasionally.

Social Networking Even Works in Small Towns
Use social networking sites to keep up with clients and try to friend as many people as possible from the community. Build a mailing list of names, street addresses, and e-mail addresses. Send newsletters via e-mail, but no more often that once a month. Send personal e-mails which are friendly and folksy weekly to good clients, close friends, and people in the community, just to say hi. It's a great idea to build friendships within the community and promote a sense of solidarity between independent store and restaurant owners and managers in the area, both online and in person.

Build a Great Web Presence
Local business marketing online is possible. Start by building a website, which should be frequently updated and informative. Include articles about the area, information about local charities, interesting fact about the products, and a list of products and services. Make the site interesting and attractive. Post the link to the site whenever possible, and make sure the site address is on all the promotional literature and ads for the business.

Run the Business With Integrity
With all the social activities, do not forget to work hard in the business as well. It is important to satisfy the customers and make sure that prices are fair. Keeping the customer happy is the secret to local business marketing. A friendly smile and a good product are the most important elements of growth of any establishment. Keep a sharp eye on quality, and use customer evaluation cards if those are applicable to the transaction. Repeat business, good publicity and satisfied customers are all vital to local marketing in any town or city. Encouraging people to patronize the location is about providing quality products, good service, fairness and honesty.


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