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Increase Website Conversions With Multivariate and AB Split Testing Tools

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If you want to increase your sales and stay ahead of the competition, continuously test and improve your website’s conversion rate with A / B Split Testing and Multivariate Testing tools. These easy to use optimization tools allow you to run experiments on your website to determine which conversion elements generate the highest responses. For example, you can write 5 different headlines for your home page and test which one provides the best results and highest conversions.

Testing and optimizing conversion elements provides many benefits:

* Increases website conversion rates

* Decreases visitor bounce rates

* Increases time spent on your site

* Increases visitor satisfaction

* Eliminates guesswork from site design

* Increases sales, leads and opt-ins

By testing and optimizing, you can DOUBLE the effectiveness of your website …

* A simple headline change can produce a 200% increase in response

* Improving your lead generation offers can boost your leads by up to 100%

* Optimizing your order check-out process could reduce your shopping-cart abandonment rate by 30%

* Changing the word on your order buttons could boost sales by 20%

All of these improvements begin to add up. A 17% boost here, a 114% increase there, a 10.5% higher response here, a 213% improvement there … and pretty soon you’ve doubled your sales (or leads) when you add them all up! If you’re really serious about maximizing your results, you can continue test, track, and improve the important conversion elements of your website.

The Top Conversion Elements to Test with Multivariate and A / B Split Testing Tools:

The following are the top conversion components or variables that should be tested and improved to boost your conversion rates …

Headlines – Since your headline is the first line of text that your visitors will read, the headline of your web page typically offers the largest opportunity (about 80% of the opportunity) for improvements in conversion rate. Use headlines that clearly state the largest benefit (s) that your product or service offers. Tell them exactly what they can get on your web page. Write 5-10 different headlines and test which one pulls the best response rate.

Offers – Since your offer is the “call to action” that requests your visitors to act (purchase, sign up, opt-in), your offer usually accounts for the second the largest opportunity for improvements in conversion rate. Test different offers and offer wording to find the one that works the best for you.

Lead Paragraph / Product Descriptions – The first paragraph or product description (if you’re selling products) is usually the third largest opportunity for improvements in your conversion rate. This text should be written with strong benefits that capture your visitor’s attention and raise their desire for your product or service.

Images / Product “Hero Shots” – The images you use on your web pages can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. The best practice is to use images that clearly portray the largest benefit your product or service offers your customer (rather than generic “feel good” stuff like unknown logos and clip art). Studies show that product images usually work best when placed to the left of your product description (or lead paragraph) since it makes it easier to read your copy from left to right. Plus, people like to read “captions” under your images almost as much as they read your headlines. So, add powerful captions and make your images clickable to the order / sign up page.

Benefits – The “benefit bullets” (bullet-point format) are another big opportunity for gaining improvements in your conversion rate. List your benefits in the order of your product’s “value hierarchy” to your target market. In other words, state your product’s strongest benefit first, and its weakest benefit last.

Other Important Conversion Elements to test:

* Background colors – white, gray, etc.

* Buttons – Button text / wording, color, look, etc.

* Pricing – $ 80, 79.95, 79.97, 2 easy payments of $ 39.99, etc.

* Formatting and placement of page elements, images and copy.

* Etc.

Multivariate and A / B Split Testing Tools

To improve your website conversions, Multivariate or A / B Split Testing software should be used to test and analyze your results. We recommend the following conversion rate optimization and multivariable testing tools:

Google Website Optimizer – A free tool that allows web developers and web marketers to run optimization experiments on their websites to determine which conversion elements generate the highest responses. You can use this tool for A / B split testing to test one element like a headline, or multivariate testing (headlines, images, offers, etc.) if you have a lot of traffic and want to test multiple elements quickly. Set up is easy. Simply choose the elements to test, set up the experiments with Google’s JavaScript code, launch the test and analyze the results.

There are many paid services you can use to test your website including Optimost, SiteSpect, Vertster and others.


If you want to continuously increase your sales by optimizing your website, we suggest using A / B Split Testing and Multivariable Testing tools to answer your important questions such as:

* Which headline generates the best response?

* What words work best for your offer copy and order buttons

* What is the ROI of your marketing campaigns?

* Which visitor groups are converting into customers?

* Where are the bottlenecks in the sales path?


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