Pay Per Click Advertising – Google AdWords Vs Yahoo Search Marketing

Pay per click advertising is by far the most popular form of website promotion, especially to the small website owners.We see a lot of talk as to which is best between Google AdWords and Yahoo search marketing. If you find yourself asking this question then you are missing the point entirely.

I have even seen someone who claims that Google has a better conversion rate than Yahoo, which is completely ridiculous.

Pay per click advertising allows you to bid against competitors with similar sites to display your ads to viewers for certain keywords that are either searched for, or related to the site your potential customer is viewing. If a surfer clicks on your ad they will then be forwarded to your site and you will pay the price that you bid for that particular keyword.

For Example if you have a website about dog training, you will create a short text ad, and select keywords related to dog training such as puppy training, house break your dog, etc. You will bid against competitors on a price to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. Whom ever has bid the highest will display first in search results.

So who is the best? Google? Yahoo? Advertisers should be looking more at missed opportunity, than the best opportunity. If a website promoter only uses Google, than they are missing out on the thousands of searches performed on Yahoo, and vice versa.

Who can provide the best conversion rate? Conversion rate is the rate at which viewers what click on your ad, go on to purchase your items or services. Thereafter the conversion rate is determined by the relevancy of the keyword to your site and service, and the demand of your product or service. The website they use to perform the search has absolutely no relevance to your conversion rate.

So to answer the question who is best Google, or Yahoo? The best answer is to use both, and even more pay per click providers such as Bing. Make your ads as relevant to your site as possible, and bid only on the most relevant keywords. By making your ads more relevant you will increase Conversions while decreasing clicks, therefore spending less money and making more money. You will also be expanding your websites reach by advertising on a number of search engines. Most internet surfers are loyal to one search engine, so the more you can advertise on, the customers you will reach.


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