How to Use Social Networking in Your Local Business Marketing Strategy

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Social commerce solutions are evolving at an alarming rate and can make starting out with Social Media and ecommerce something daunting for the beginner. Most businesses engage with Social Networking at an early experimental phase, starting with Twitter and Facebook or LinkedIn and Ecademy. Without the right experience or guidance you may be setting up your basic profiles incorrectly and they may not compliment your business or website.Sending out tweets and setting up groups on Facebook can be completely ineffective and sometimes damaging if not done correctly.

We are going to outline 4 simple steps to help you be successful with social networking for ecommerce and develop a successful lead strategy.

1. Listen: Begin by monitoring social networking and ecommerce businesses activity in your niche business, using FREE useful tools like and, the yellow pages of Twitter. What are your business competitors seeking to achieve with their story and how are they building the customer journey for their potential clients.

2. Experiment: Decide what you want to achieve with your social marketing, and based on your chosen tactics, start a couple of small scale trials designed to deliver against this objective. allows you to have different platforms to share information on and has a basic tracking system. Try it out and experiment.

3. Apply: Take all your results from your experiments, and build on what works. Applying what you have learned by integrating social commerce into your broder business model, ecommerce or social media marketing strategy. Do not forget that social commerce tools deliver business value when they deliver real financial value to your business.

4. Develop your own strategy: Social media and ecommerce are constantly changing, so make the ongoing development of your social commerce strategy an ongoing priority, integrating new tools and the new technologies as they become known to you.

Remember that social media is a “chatty” medium, so listen closely and respond quickly to your user feedback on your social commerce solution.


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