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5 Reasons Coaching Businesses Soar With Social Media Marketing

Coaching Business Soars With Social Media Marketing

You hear about Social Media Marketing all over the news stations and television programs. Your kids are doing it and probably more than you know. Your friends may be doing it but not talking about it. What am I talking about Social Media! Here is the amazing news…you can do it and it can help you grow your coaching business.

Social Media Marketing

The idea behind social media is that we can share our thoughts and interests with other like-minded people who want to share with us. This holds true for coaches in a huge way. It does not matter if you are a weight loss coach, relationship coach, fitness coach, transition coach, or business coach there are many people out there that would love to have you share your knowledge, insight, and information. You can do that with social media. Think about how many people you can help when you are communicating one too many through social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Who are the leaders in your area of business?

Find the leaders in your area of business and follow them on Twitter then become their friend or fan on Facebook. Take a look at the type of conversations they are having with the people who are interested in them. This will give you a good idea of what people want and need. They are talking about what interests or challenges them. You can enter the conversation without selling a thing.

Share your Knowledge om Social Media Marketing

You can help people by sharing your knowledge or experience without being a promoter or a salesman. When you help someone the law of reciprocity kicks in and they want to help you back. Sometimes that means just learning more about you. Sometimes that means signing up for a newsletter and becoming a member of your contact list and sometimes that means buying your product or service.

Not a Place for Hard Sell

Facebook and Twitter are the place to become a part of the conversation and are equally valuable to listen to what people are talking about. By listening to what people are talking about, what they need help with and what interests them you are being told exactly what products and services people are interested in. You want to go to social media sites to observe and contribute not to pitch yourself, your products or your services. In fact, this is likely to be very detrimental to your business and your success in social media.

The best way to be effective in your social media marketing regardless of what platform(s) you utilize is to understand that you are talking to an individual person… on a mass scale.

Treat each post like it is going to your best client, and your goal is to nurture that relationship by providing value, humor, education, genuine care and concern, and solutions to the challenges they are facing. Once that becomes your focus, you’ll see the return on your social media marketing.