cPanel unleashed their biggest price increase ever

cPanel unleashed their biggest price increase ever

A little more than a week after cPanel unleashed their biggest price increase ever, the company has already announced a revised version of its new licensing model. In their latest corporate blog post, cPanel even says sorry to the global web hosting community after receiving feedback from many partners around the world in the days following the initial announcement.

The new cPanel pricing and licensing structure announced on Thursday 27 Jun 2019 has caused a great deal of emotions among web hosting companies. More or less out of the blue, cPanel decided to no longer offer unlimited accounts for their web hosting control panel. Instead and effective immediately they introduced a multi-tier licensing structure. The price hike follows the news last year of cPanel being acquired by Oakley Capital. This group also owns Plesk and SolusVM.

“While small price increases are expected, Microsoft has had a number of 10-15% price increases over the years that we have endured without much issue, I don’t believe anyone expected average price increases to be close to 100% (the average across our user base), doubling license pricing. Not only that, with the changes in the pricing model, we’ve seen users looking at close to 20x price increases, forcing them to re-evaluate their entire business model. On top of this, customers must address this complete change in just two months, as new pricing will be effective September 1.” (Source: company blog)

“With the change to ‘per user’ billing, the age of unlimited accounts on cPanel reseller packages has come to an end. To give you an idea, for just one of the Walker Hosting servers, the cost of the cPanel licence has just risen from $45 to $335 per month.

Update to Account-Based Pricing

Late last week, we announced a new licensing and pricing structure for cPanel. This change was the result of several months of conversations and modeling to ensure we understood as many use cases for cPanel & WHM hosting as possible. In the days following our announcement, we have heard from many of our Partners, both online and on the phone, and the feedback has been clear. Our analysis of use cases was incomplete, and we underestimated the amount of support that some of our Community require to implement these licensing model changes. This was a miss on our part, and we are sorry for any concern we have caused as a result.

Your feedback has been taken to heart, and we are making adjustments. Outlined below are changes that we feel are positives for our Partners and direct Customers.

What does this mean?  Reseller web hosting pricing will increase along with webhosting prices being raised for clients across the globe – for WordPress, there are other solutions per account based, but global prices will increase. 

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