Pay-Per-Click Advertising, What Is It?

So you hear this term all the time when reading about internet marketing and that is pay-per-click. So what is pay-per-advertising and why do I hear so much about it. Let me tell you exactly what it is and what it can do for you if you are an internet marketer like myself.

You ever wondering how you get those convenient spots on the side of your search bar or on the top of your search results when you are on Google or another search engine. That’s all done through pay per click advertising and every time someone clicks on one of those links costs costs money. That’s why it is called pay-per-click advertising. The consumer does not have to pay but the marketer has to.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pay-per-click advertising varies with each search word put into the criteria. It could cost as little as.01 cent or could go as high as $ 30.00 a click- or even more. The amount depends on how much that search word is being requested through the search engines. If you have a very broad search word that people use through the day the higher the cost will be. That’s why it is very important to use a very specific keyword because this way you will only have people that are looking for that particular word click on it.

How Effective is PPC Marketing?

If you have a decent budget per week than PPC marketing can be much more effective than article marketing. That’s the reason why more people tend to gravitate towards PPC marketing because of its effectiveness. But the catch here is that you have to understand how to place your bids for PPC marketing. If you place a bid too high you will end up overspending on a keyword and not making any profits because you will have people that do not want your product clicking on your link. But if you master the way to place bids and figure out the exact keywords that people are looking for you will end up making a huge profit with PPC marketing – and that’s how Town Press Marketing can help your Pay Per Click Advertising.


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