Social Media Marketing: Is It Effective for B2B Companies?

Companies which are into B2B segment of business found it very difficult to grasp a hold of the power in social media marketing when one business is marketing to other. The value and power of social media marketing is still not very much clear to them, they consider it a marketing which is not relating to them. But the fact is that there has been seen the increase in marketing campaign on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn even for B2B companies also. These days they are becoming more aware of the importance of social media marketing.

Many B2B companies are reducing their marketing budget for offline marketing and spending more on online marketing. B2B magazine had conducted a survey recently about this and they found that more than 48% of B2B companies are spending more on online marketing rather than offline marketing.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Effective?

The truth is, now people are tired of sales pitch and marketing speak. When they want to know about any business of product they search online where they can find real users and get to know the product or service even better. If you read the definition of social media you will know why this is becoming so effective. According to Wikipedia:

“Social media can be described as online technology and practice that users use to share experience, opinions, perspectives and insights with each other. It can take different form like text, audio, images, videos, podcasts, wiki, etc… “

This definition explains itself why B2B companies are moving towards social marketing. B2B companies are using lots of online marketing channels and a recent survey by B2B technology decision makers shows these stats for their online marketing:

  • 90% companies participate in online video marketing 80% companies participate in blog marketing 80% companies participate in wikis
  • 69% companies participate in Social Network marketing

You can see that 69% of B2B companies are using social networks primarily for their business development and networking.

Why B2B Companies Should Use Social Media Effectively?

We have already seen in the stats above how many companies are using social as their primary marketing campaign. But the stats are not always the deciding factor until we know exactly it is going to increase our business. So now let me show you exactly how the social media campaign will increase your business.

As we all know the marketing is tool which is used to inform the consumers about your product, about your company and its services. Social media is doing exactly same and is more effective these days where people are online most of the time.

First of all social networking sites provide you a way of introducing you company or services to billions of users instantly.

You get a chance to create a relationship with your consumer using the social media platform, even with those who might not otherwise be able to know about your company.

It makes the company or product real to its consumers and they start talking about the product, and it spreads like wind and you don’t have to even try for it. It increases your global reach thus more business is assured.

Social media provides you an option to:

  • Share your knowledge and expertise
  • Tap in to wisdom of your potential customers
  • Engage prospects through the customer evangelism
  • Enable consumers helping consumers

For most of the marketing team it may be little difficult to move to social marketing, but it does not always have to be difficult to be successful. So at start choose few initiatives which you think would work well until you become comfortable in really delving into social media.


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