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In a previous article of our ongoing guide series, we discussed the first step in optimizing the different pages on your business website. We explained to you specifically what meta tags were and how search engines determine what your site is about by reading these tags in the source code of your site. We also talked about the importance of having the 2 or 3 most relevant keywords for each page in both your meta title tag and your meta description tag for that page.

In this article we will continue teaching you about on optimization, because while the meta tags might be the most significant, there are other parts of your page that you also need to pay close attention to.

Let’s first talk about the H1 tags, again this is just another part of the code that Google reads when they scan your website. Basically the H1 tags are going to be the headlines on your page. Anywhere you see a headline with large font on a page generally these are H1 tags. So you need to use the keywords you have chosen in the headlines of your pages. Subheadlines are also a good spot to place your keywords just do not overdo it.

Moving on … choose a few instances to bold, underline, and italicize these keywords in the body content on each page. Google spiders also tend to read sections of your page where there is obvious emphasis on certain words using these different formats.

Using pictures can brighten up webpages and make them more attractive, but you can also use these images to your SEO advantage. How? Well, when you add images to a website using any of the various types of website editors you have the opportunity to add what are called alt tags. Alt tags are just text descriptions of the image. They were created so that blind people who can not see the images are able to tell what the pictures are. Alt tags are another opportunity to stick in your keywords and let Google know what your sites about.

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