What is Facebook Targeting Expansion?

Targeting expansion helps improve your campaign performance by allowing our system to reach a broader set of people than those you defined in the detailed targeting section.

You can use this option when you want us to show your ad to additional people who we think would get you more and/or cheaper results. (We only implement the expansion when we think we can get you those results.)

Targeting expansion is specific to detailed targeting and doesn’t apply to location, age or gender targeting options – read that carefully.

Note: You can’t use targeting expansion with a Special Ads Category campaign.

How it works

If you enable expansion and we think we can get you better results by using it, we’ll take a portion of your existing budget and split it between your selected audience and a broader audience. Throughout the campaign, we’ll shift the budget to the audience that is getting better results at a lower cost.

To use targeting expansion:

  1. From Ads Manager, either create or open your ad set.
  2. Go to the Audience section.
  3. Under Detailed Targeting, either select Edit or find the Detailed Targeting Expansion subsection.
  4. Check or uncheck the Detailed Targeting Expansion box to turn it on or off.

Note: For conversions and app install campaigns, new audiences are opted in by default. To opt-out, click or tap to uncheck the box next to the Detailed Targeting Expansion option. For all other objectives, detailed targeting expansion is turned off by default.

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