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Engage beyond emails with push notifications

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Engage beyond emails by leveraging modern channels of customer communication. Keep your visitors coming back with custom, scheduleable, dynamic, and even automatable push notifications. Engage beyond emails with push notifications.

Even great marketing messages can get caught by spam filters or be buried in a overflowing inbox. With Push Notifications you’ll avoid the inbox entirely – no waiting for emails to be opened, no third party messaging apps to configure. Get in touch with your customers any time, any day.

  • Rest assured that even if a subscriber isn’t online when your message is sent, they’ll see your notification immediately once they get back online.
  • We schedule your push notifications as far in advance as you want so you can focus your time where it matters most.
  • We help you say what you need to say quickly and easily in a consumable, bit-size message. No run-on emails or tricky email formatting here.
  • Unlike other methods of customer communication, web push notifications are always viewable, whether the customer is currently on your site or not.
  • We help showcase your brand and content with your own unique imagery and optional custom action buttons to make your push notifications really stand out.
  • Push once, deliver everywhere. Support for web push notifications spans most of the major browsers and devices.

What are web push notifications? Glad you asked. Web push notifications are a new, modern channel of communication between you, a site owner, and your visitors. Notifications are delivered directly to your visitors’ screens – no inbox, no messaging app, no questions.

Start increasing your click-through rates and conversions through the power of web push notifications with Town Press Media. Contact Us via email or call/text  512-522-9008