Helping in a time of crisis

We are all affected in one way or another by COVID19.  Now is the time that you make a difference by helping your family, friends and community.  Here are ways to give something to the community.

Give to your local food bank:

Local food banks have seen triple in demand just this past week. The Food Bank of the RGV is actively seeking donations. As more and more people lose their jobs, the need for food assistance will not go away anytime soon.  To give, visit The Food Bank of the RGV website for more information.

Donate blood:

With thousands of blood drives across the country canceled because of the COVID 19 outbreak, the blood centers announced last week that the US is facing a “severe blood shortage”. The organizations encouraged anyone who is healthy and eligible to give blood or platelets, to make an appointment to donate. Contact Vitalant to schedule your appointment.

Buy Gift Cards for Local Restaurants and Service Providers:

Your locally owned restaurants are most likely struggling to survive. You can buy gift cards now to redeem later. This not only provides you (or your recipient) a special treat, it helps the restaurant with revenue now.

While you’re buying gift cards, think about your hairdresser, barbers, massage therapist, pet groomer and other service providers. These hardworking service providers can’t provide services due to social distancing. They may also sale gift cards for future use.

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